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At SJV Solicitors, we hold conversations with landlords each and every day and have created a clear picture of our clients and their frustrations. Through 16 years of experience and strong client relationships, we have developed highly effective solutions for dealing with eviction cases. 

When looking to evict a tenant, you’ll probably have a plethora of questions. Do I need to go to county court? Could the written tenancy agreement affect the eviction? Is there a deposit protection policy in place? How do I legally evict a tenant?

Countless mistakes can be made during the eviction process, causing landlords to suffer legally and financially. The legal process is complex and timely, but it doesn’t have to consume your attention. 
Our solicitors are here to make the eviction process simple and hassle-free. With expert knowledge, we can answer your questions and help you gain possession of your property with minimal fuss.

It will cost you nothing to make an enquiry.  Get in touch today.

Here’s the sort of thing we can do:

An Inexpensive, Quick and Effective Tenant Eviction by Solicitors

You’re looking for an inexpensivequick and effective solution to your tenant eviction problem. We can help, anywhere in England and Wales.

We’re inexpensive:

For a straightforward possession involving the usual one court hearing, we will act for you for an agreed fee:

The process of The eviction process, in most cases, involves serving a section 8 or section 21 notice to the tenant. The document will inform the tenant that they are required to leave the property due to the grounds stated by the landlord. If a tenant refuses to leave the property following the notice period, a possession order can be granted from the court. This process will involve issuing proceedings, preparing for and attending a court hearing. If the tenant doesn’t leave following a possession notice, the county court bailiff can be instructed to evict them.

Fixed Fees

  1. Notices:
    £65 + vat for one notice, £85 + vat if both section 8 and section 21 notices are served at the same time.
  1. Court Proceedings:
    Full service – Start to finish, we charge £550 + vat. In addition, there is a court fee to pay of £391.00. That comes to £1,051.00. This service includes drafting and issuing your claim through to preparing your case to obtain your possession order, including representation at court (1 hearing at any court in England and Wales). This price assumes that all your paperwork is in order and that there is no serious defence to the claim. If this is not the case, we can still help, but there may be additional costs for getting things in order. However, we won’t make any additional charges without your prior agreement.
  1. Enforcement:
    If the tenants don’t leave when the possession order says they must, we can issue a warrant and the bailiffs will evict them, by force if necessary. We charge £140.00 + vat., plus a court fee of £143.00, which comes to £298.00.
  1. Accelerated Possession Procedure:
    Using the accelerated procedure, in the absence of a defence or serious issue with the claim, no hearing is required. We charge £500.00 + vat., you also pay the court fee which is £391, that comes to £991.00 in total. However, where there is a hearing, there will be an additional charge for an advocate to attend court. The cost will vary according the nature of the issue and the location of the court. Typically, it’s £200.00 to £250.00 + vat.
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Tenant Eviction services that are quick:

If we have the necessary information from you and are instructed before 5 o’clock on a weekday, we can often get the notice in the post and begin your tenant eviction on the day that we’re instructed. We will where possible, give you the option to have your possession order transferred to the High Court for enforcement. The procedure facilitates a very quick eviction. We can’t make any promises though, the necessary order is at the discretion of the judge and not always granted.

We’re effective:

We’ve dealt with over 10,000 possession matters, many on behalf of banks, building societies, and very large landlords. We know how to get the best from the system for you. Furthermore, as a firm of solicitors, we are properly qualified to carry out all of your tenant eviction services.

We can go on the court record as your solicitors, the court will correspond directly with us. This means that we can manage the process of your tenant eviction for you and deal with any issues promptly and properly.

Instruct us because:

Unless you are very experienced, trying to carry out the work yourself will not only be time-consuming but a small error can be costly.

The law takes eviction very seriously. The process must be conducted diligently. Judges will rarely overlook procedural errors in the eviction process. An apparently minor error can result in an adjournment or even the case being struck out so you have to start the whole process again.

Delays can be expensive if they extend the time that your very valuable asset is not earning its keep.

To find out more about the UK tenant eviction process, check out our dedicated blog post here!

We are solicitors. Non-solicitor firms undertaking tenant eviction work are unable to go on the court record, the court will not deal with them.

We are qualified to carry out your eviction work. As tenant eviction services solicitors, we are heavily regulated and have to comply with far-ranging rules which govern client care, confidentiality, treating clients fairly and putting client’s interests first. There are also legal regulators and ombudsmen to who you can complain if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received.

In addition, solicitors are required to have professional indemnity insurance which is far more comprehensive than any insurance likely to be held by a non-solicitor firm. You are very well protected against anything going wrong if you instruct a tenant eviction solicitor.

In spite of all these advantages, we are no more expensive than non-solicitor eviction firms and cheaper than many. Why wouldn’t you instruct us?

Contact us We’ll try to answer all your questions and you’ll be under no pressure to instruct us.

It will cost you nothing to make an enquiry.  Get in touch today and we can chat through the solution to your problem for free.

It will cost you nothing to make an enquiry.  Get in touch today and we can chat through the solution to your problem for free.

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    Client Testimonials

    Our clients, their words

    Our experience has been first class with polite, professional yet, at the same time, friendly responses to all our enquiries. Everything was made very clear from the outset. Very reasonable fees for the level of service provided. Expectations were exceeded in terms of the swift, helpful responses to queries. Friendly and efficient service, prompt answers to questions-even during evenings and weekends! Kept informed all through the process, we would not hesitate to recommend your service to others, thank you!
    Mrs Wood - Worcester
    This is to say a big thank you to you for all the prompt and personal attention you gave to us when we were in dire need of professional assistance at a time when things were never more impossible for us. You had a total grasp of the situation acted immediately, never failed to ring me back and keep us informed and acted on our behalf very pro-actively. We cannot praise your practice and people enough and would gladly give you a reference at any time for people in our situation who need an excellent knowledgeable solicitor.
    Mrs Bentley - Stoke on Trent
    Good advice on a frustrating matter for us. Always professional and strong customer focus. Costs were not quite the same as set out at the start of the process, but Simon was in the end reasonable given the costs to be recovered from the defendants. The case was more difficult with regards us currently living in Australia, so we weren’t able to meet face to face for example." Costs were reasonable given the costs to be recovered from the defendants. Overall we achieved a successful outcome at a reasonable cost with regards a stressful and frustrating matter with our tenants. I think Simon’s knowledge of the legal aspects and requirements was excellent. We were talking initially to our estate agent who was previously a lawyer, but in hindsight had poorly advised us on a number of aspects of the case, so I wish we had gone to Simon much sooner. He gave us a lot more confidence that we could recover the rent monies due.
    Mr Howell - Adelaide
    Very professional and good advice. Thanks
    Mr Stone - Grimsby
    "I was provided with an absolutely wonderful service by Simon, I would highly recommend him, my tenant eviction went through without any glitches and Simon kept me informed every step of the way.
    Ms Broderick - London
    The service provided by Simon and his team could not have been better. We had a tenancy eviction completed successfully in much less time than anticipated. Using specialist professionals to act on our behalf, made for a very straightforward and stress free process. A free initial telephone consultation and surprisingly competitive rates too - what more could you ask for? Highly recommended.
    Andy MacLeod - July 2017
    I would 100% recommend Simon and his staff. Besides being very friendly and professional Simon successfully won our case in evicting tenants in a very short time period. We had previously gone to one of these “Tenant Eviction Experts” that you find on the Internet for a so-called fix fee and to be frank they are just form fillers….they are NOT solicitors. After 8 months and 3 court hearings we were getting nowhere, switched to Simon and success.
    Meself - April 2017
    Excellent - just used Simon Vollans & Co to deal with the eviction of a very difficult tenant & they have been superb - great service & flawless advice from start to finish. Highly recommend and would not hesitate to use their services again (although rather hope I don't have to!)
    Jon Tinsley - 2016

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